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In the darkness I find

Slumber eludes me

Night is a quiet creature

That prowls my mind.

Disquiet is a photo series that narrates the trappings and isolation of insomnia experienced years after the loss of my mother and anxiety faced during the pandemic. There is an intimacy in solitude which gave me a chance for me to understand my emotions and reflect on my sense of self. The unique architecture and structures of these spaces are recurring motif in the photography as I often notice these elements in ordinary spaces which I like to interpolate in my composition.

The photos are characterised by the juxtaposition of light and dark elements in these spaces to convey these complicated thoughts and emotions that keep slumber at bay. This series is performative, adding to the challenge of photographing myself and navigating the spaces. The spaces are also strange in their restlessness shaped as dramatic encounters and unending night watches. Yet we may place these existential images within the timeliness of our own current experience. My thought process is shown raw and vivid through the imagery. This is my diary on insomnia.

Disquiet was displayed at 2019/20 Young Talent Programme Winners' Solo Exhibition at ION Art Gallery and is one of the top 10 finalist for the 11th France-Singapore Photographic Awards.

Louisa Violet_ Disquiet 1_ Photography_6
Louisa Violet_ Disquiet 3_ Photography_6
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